About Bahi

Bahi is the first online transportation network company purely created by Egyptians for everyone. The company wanted to start something for the people by the people. Bahi is safe, reliable and ever changing to satisfy your needs. With each and every success story Bahi will grow bigger and better to give you the caliber of service you deserve. Your destination is our Aim where we can take you Anyplace Anywhere. Our mission is to drive you happy and our vision is to build long lasting relationships with you... our partner. Yes you are our partner because whether you drive the car or book it you will always be the backbone of our business and we couldn't be happier about it. So next time you are seeking the comfort of a personal driver choose us, choose Bahi.



Safety Comes First As a Priority for Bahi , Where Partner and the Customer are well known by the company.


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While Bahi focuses on ensuring reliable, cost efficient and safe rides that arrive quickly, we care the most about our people whether the rider or the Driver. A Driver experience revolvesaround mutual communication between the Driver and the Rider, to assure everyone is having a great time reaching the, after all, “mutual” destination.

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